What is NeoWars?

NeoWars is a realtime strategy game. It’s the predecessor of our popular flashgame Neo Circuit. The game was inspired by Tentacle Wars and Galcon.

NeoWars - a strategy game for mobile

Tactical Gameplay

NeoWars - a strategy game for mobile

Singleplayer Campaign

50 Levels in up to 5 difficulties

35 different boosters and upgrades

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  • German Apple News Website itopNews reviews NeoWars
    – iTopNew Review 8.3/10, Website
  • German iOS Website Appgefahren.de reviews NeoWars
    – „Innovative monetisation model!“, Website
  • German mobilegames Website Touchportal.de reviews NeoWars
    – „Cool Sci-Fi Artstyle!“, Website 
  • Appliv.com reviews NeoWars
    – Appliv.com review, Website